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The Higher Education Conference 2016 - Amsterdam






Partnering EARLI-Sig 4 & ECER Network 22


July 13-15 2016 Amsterdam


Given the multi-level nature of the issues at stake within higher education, representatives of major EU and US networks of higher education researchers decided to combine their expertise and organize this joint conference in the Summer of 2016 at the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Also a number of national higher education associations are actively involved. Particular purpose of this conference is to unite the macro, meso and micro levels of higher education research, therefore covering the scholarship of learning, teaching and organizing.


For colleagues from abroad it could be interesting to combine attending The Higher Education Conference 2016 with attending the HECU conference, which will take place at Lancaster University, UK July 18-20 2016, just a one hour flight from Amsterdam. For more information on HECU contact Paul Ashwin (



Didi Griffioen, Ph.D.
Research Project Leader 'Excellence in Higher Professional Education|Knowledge Center Education and Teaching|
Senior Policy Advisor Research & Education| Staff Department Education and Research|
Hogeschool van Amsterdam| Spui 25 (entrance at Handboogstraat 2), room 1.19, 1012 WX Amsterdam| T: +31 (0)62112 57 947 | E:

The Higher Education Conference; The Scholarship of Learning, Teaching & Organizing
Amsterdam, July 13-15 2016, partnering EARLI & ECER -

Recent publications:
Griffioen, D.M.E. & De Jong, U. (2014). Implementing Research in Higher Professional Education: Factors that Influence Lecturers' Perceptions. Educational Management Adminstration and Leadership. See:

Griffioen, D.M.E., De Jong, U. & Jak, S. (2013). Research Self-Efficacy of Lecturers in Non-University Higher Education: A Staff Perspective. Innovation in Education and Teaching International, 50(1), 25-37.

Griffioen, D.M.E. & De Jong, U. (2013). Academic Drift in Non-University Higher Education Evaluated: A Staff perspective. Higher Education Policy 26, 173-191. See:

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