Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wiki's getting more sophisticated

The Pbwiki team have announced some new innovations - see below. I was beginning to think that wiki's were a bit of a flash in a pan but if these sorts of innovations keep coming I think they will begin to catch up with blogs as an alternative way of working together and communicating.

From the PBWiki mailing -

Now check this out. There are 5 new features for your wiki that you can
insert today -- free.

1. Spreadsheets for your PBwiki

2. Voice chat (talk to others viewing your wiki using your voice)

3. A shared calendar (perfect for scheduling with your group)

4. Upload video (no storage space used!)

5. Plan an event--even sell tickets--using a new plugin


My absence

Sorry there has been no activity on this blog for a while - due to pressure of work and illness.