Monday, 23 February 2009

The e-Assessment-Question 2009 Conference and Exhibition London


The e-Assessment-Question 2009 Conference and Exhibition London,
18th/19th March 2009
Shaw Theatre and Novotel St Pancras London

Assessment lies at the heart of learning and e-Assessment plays a similarly
pivotal role in e-Learning. The focus of attention of the seventh e-Assessment
Question Conference is the practical aspects of selecting, implementing and
using e-Assessment. This year it takes PEOPLE as it’s theme and includes a
second day that focuses on accessibility and inclusion.

We are delighted to announce a number of additional speakers have been
added to the programme.

• Professor Phillip John, Dean of Heriot Watt University and Chair of
the Scholar Forum will talk about an exciting new development in Scotland,
• Tom Burkand, Director of the Promethean Trust and author of Centre
for Policy Studies Report 'Ticking the Right Boxes' ( Jan. 2009
has kindly agreed to present his findings at the conference, a copy of the
Report will be made available to delegates in their digital delegates pack.
• Martin Ripley, 21st Century Learning
• Peter Smith, School Shape
We are also pleased to announce that the first AGM of the e-Assessment
Association will be held at 17.30 in the Shaw Theatre at the end of the first
day of the conference. (
The conference will look at the impact of the technology of learners, providers
and examiners address issues such as:

• Are you considering using computer based testing or using e-
• What are the implications for learners and teachers, not to mention
examiners and managers?
• Are you thinking about the Accessibility issues of using the
technology for assessment and learning?
• Do you want to see the latest developments?
• Are you concerned about the risks and costs?
• Want to upgrade your current e-Assessment technologies?
• Are you involved with e-marking, e-Assessment or e-portfolios for
the first time?
• Do you need to understand the impact of DDA on your e-Assessment
portfolios or testing?
• What is best practice in e-Assessment?
• Do you want to discuss the issues with colleagues and fellow

Visit the e-Assessment Question 2009 web site: www.e-assessment- to see the list of exciting exhibitors and speakers at the

Jeff Ross
Conference Director
+44 (0) 7785 920392
Ofqual is pleased to support the e-Assessment Question 2009.
However the views expressed at the conference are the speakers’ own and do
not represent Ofqual policy

Conference Fees:
£250 per delegate per day plus VAT at the prevailing rate.
£475 per delegate for attendance on both days plus VAT at the prevailing rate.
Discounts for delegates from schools , colleges, registered charities and the
public sector:
£190 per delegate per day plus VAT at the prevailing rate.
£370 per delegate for attendance on both days plus VAT at the prevailing rate.

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