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Fwd: UPDATE and news about the 17th e-Assessment Question Conference and Exhibition ‘‘Transformation, Change and Evolution’’ London - Weds. 10th and Thurs. 11th April 2019

17th annual e-Assessment Question Conference and Exhibition -  ''Transformation, Change and Evolution''
America Square Conference Centre, City of London - Weds. 10th and Thurs. 11th April 2019. 

Are you involved in the development, selection or deployment of e-Assessment, the use of digital technologies to assess and certify learners and trainees, from the class-room to the workplace?

Are you considering the recent developments in e-Assessment and the rapid change in the tools, techniques and technologies involved in e-Assessment such as

•        the use of e-proctoring,
•        the excitement around blockchain, AI, and a host of similar developments,
•        the successful deployment of large scale assessments for recruitment and selection, staff development, compliance and the like,
•        the up take of credentialing and open badges,
•        the emergence of paperless examination projects in colleges, schools and classrooms around the world,
•        the benefits and opportunities of big data and understanding the learner,
•        the impact of globalisation and transnational standards,
•        the drivers of social media,
•        the need for 'Bring Your Own Devices' strategies and deployment,
•        the growth of e-portfolios,
•        the concerns over cyber security, transparency and confidentiality of data
•        the proliferation of question types,
•        the integration with e-Learning and back-office systems,
•        the rise of government initiatives and policies around the world,
•        the expectations and demands of a 'cyber' generation of digital natives… etc.

and how we are going to manage the adoption, the change and impact of each and all of these.

We are delighted to announce the 2019 conference and exhibition, which will take transformation as its theme, looking at both:
•                  the way that e-Assessment is effecting learning and assessment processes in education, training and development to the benefit of learners, employees  and institutions, and
•                  the manner in which e-Assessment as a process is changing and growing and advancing.

Speakers already confirmed for the conference include
•                  John Black, Director, JFB Consulting, Independent Consultant
•                  James Blackburn, Head of User Experience, Pebble Pad
•                  Sue Bridgeman, Business Manager, EDExams
•                  Gavin Busuttil-Reynaud, Director, Alphaplus Consultancy
•                  Helen Chapman, editor, World Exam Tech
•                  Helen Claydon, Senior Research Fellow, ACER International United Kingdom Ltd.
•                  Patrick Craven, Director of Assessment Policy, Research and Compliance, City and Guilds
•                  Anton Mamaenko, Manager Delivery, Arcadia
•                  Gareth Hegarty, Senior Manager, eAssessment Transition Int. Baccalaureate Organization (UK)
•                  Tim Burnett, Head of Marketing, BTL
•                   Ibidun Layi-Ojo, Test Development Team Lead, Prometric
•                  Pawan Kumar, CTO, Wheebox
•                  Louella Morton, Executive Director, Testreach
•                  Professor Graham Orpwood, Director of International Programs, Vretta
•                  Dr Mary Richardson, Programme Leader MA Educational Assessment UCL Institute of Education
•                  Martin Ripley, Director, World Class Arena Ltd.
•                  Denis Saunders, CEO and Founder, Calibrand the currency for talent ®
•                  Vegard Sivertsen, CEO, Cirrus Assessment
•                  Matt Wingfield, Chair, e-Assessment Association
•                  John Winkley, Commercial Director, Alphaplus Consultancy
•                  Dr Naomi Winstone, Department of Higher Education, University of Surrey

Details of the provisional programme, plus information about the conference including Booking arrangements can be found at

Exhibitors also confirmed for the conference include
AlphaPlus Consultancy Ltd
Botosoft Technologies Ltd
Cirrus Assessment
e-Com Scotland
Pearson Vue
PSI Services
RM Results
Secure and Confidential Documents Ltd
Vretta Inc.

The focus for the 17th annual international e-Assessment Question will be on change, and how we manage these evolving and transforming issues.

We trust you or one of your colleagues will be able to join us for what will certainly prove to be an invaluable and thought-provoking event.                           

Jeff Ross
Joint Conference Director, Assessment Tomorrow, email :  for more details

We are grateful to all sponsors including: e-Assessment Association (, BTL (,
Calibrand (, Inspera (, RM Results (, Testreach (, Wheebox ( who help make this conference possible

Visit the e-Assessment Question 2019 web site: to read more about the conference and for details on how to register for the conference

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