Tuesday, 10 April 2018

FW: Reminder: Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship 2018 Call for Papers




Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship:

Exploring Transitions in Higher Education for Students and Staff

11th and 12th July 2018*, University of Bristol, http://tinyurl.com/q8uhhx4


In this fourth conference in the Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship series the focus is on exploring the transitions and mechanisms by which students and staff are supported and support each other in succeeding in enhancing their academic practice.

Transitions in, through and out of Higher Education impact on both students and staff in today's University.  Staff and students grapple with an increasingly complex HE environment with changes to the job market and challenges of uncertainty over their future they pass through a number of complex transitions into, within and out of higher education.

At the same time, the marketization of Higher Education and the impact of increasing student numbers, workloads and uncertainties over the impact of the TEF alongside REF are amongst a range of factors that both encounter.

Against this complex background, the interface between teaching and learning that both parties work within provides a challenging, engaging and supportive environment to work through many of these issues.

Contributions are invited on the role of teaching focused academics in the following topics:

  • Enhancing employability through curriculum design
  • Confidence & resilience as key skills for transitions
  • Balancing student satisfaction with engaged learning
  • Enhancing learning through inclusive teaching spaces


In a new move for 2018, we are looking to a range of short 5 minutes talk each a "Snapshot" talk. Snapshots will be combined along themes into groups of 4-6. We'll then have a snapshot session where groups of snapshots are presented together followed by 20-30 mins for discussion at tables of how these ideas could be explored by delegates in their own contexts.

Asides from invited keynotes (TBA), contributions may take the form of

  • Talks (15 mins)
  • Snapshots (5 mins)
  • Panel Discussions (1hr)
  • Workshops (2 hr)


Further details for the conference, including submission of abstracts and registration is available at http://tinyurl.com/q8uhhx4. Call for papers closes 30th April 2018.  * Note new conference dates.


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