Sunday, 4 February 2018

FW: University of Sheffield learning support conference

I wondered any of you might be interested in the University of Sheffield learning support conference? This year's conference looks at theory into practice in learning support. Specifically, it considers neuromyths, and investigates theory that can inform practice. The keynote speakers are Professor Tim Daley, University of Nottingham and Professor Tim Jay, Sheffield Hallam University.

The cost of the conference is £25 including refreshments and a light lunch



I have attached a flyer.

Thank you very much



Victoria Mann
Director  SpLD Service,
Senior Fellow: Senate Fellow: ADSHE register of professional quality assured SpLD tutors ADSHEQA373.

Recent publications:

Mann, V., Burkinshaw,H,. (2017) the SpLD tutorial as a third space.
Informal Learning: Perspectives, Challenges and Opportunities. Editor Rutherford,S. Nova.

Marshall,E,. Staddon, R,. Wilson,D., and Mann.V. (2017). Addressing Maths Anxiety in the Curriculum. MSOR journal. V15, No3

Mann, V., Machin, E. and Marshall, E (2017) 'Mathematical Difficulties in Higher Education: Maths Anxiety and Dyscalculia' in Krcmar, K (ed.) The Inclusivity Gap (in press)

 Mann, V., Machin, E. and Woodrow, E (2016) 'The Impact of Dyscalculia on Students in Higher Education', Journal of Neurodiversity in Higher Education p 114-128



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