Friday, 29 February 2008

Sound in lecture theatres

I was observing a lecture this week and during the lecture a student asked for the volume of the PA system to be turned down - I have noticed it was very loud and that when first switched on was picking up the general hum of the conversation at the front, if that conversation had continued during the lecture that would have been a problem, as it was, what occurred to me was that the system was designed so that the volume was the same throughout the room - however this student was sitting at the back and maybe did so because she found it easier to pay attention when the sound of the lecturer`s voice was quieter. Does anyone think about that when they design PA systems?

I have a related problem - I prefer to sit on the right hand side of lecture theatres - and find it very confusing when the loud speakers make the sound come from somewhere to my right when the speaker is to my left.

Just a thought.

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