Friday, 1 February 2008

Real Life Learning conference

19-21 JUNE 2008

How people learn in real life is much richer, more varied and more
interesting than any learning theory, and quite different from the kinds of
learning that are demanded in schools and colleges. If education is to be
an effective preparation for a learning life, we can learn a lot from
people who have discovered how to write songs, make money, create recipes,
design experiments or school horses. This Learning Life 2 is a three-day
exploration of how to narrow the gap between formal and informal learning.

US academics John Bransford (Washington) and Barbara Rogoff (Santa Cruz)
QCA Director of Curriculum Mick Waters
The Talent Foundation Chairman Bill Lucas

discussing their learning lives?
Bristol singer-songwriter Katey Brooks talks to Dr Federica Olivero
Financial guru Alvin Hall talks to Culture Online founder Prof Jonathan
Chef Heston Blumenthal talks to Rough Scientist Prof Kathy Sykes (tbc)
Scientist Heinz Wolff talks to Prof Rosamund Sutherland
International horse-riding instructor Mary Wanless talks to amateur rider
Chris Watkins

A tango lesson
Kokopelli Playback Theatre
Bubblz the Learning Clown

submitted presentations on a wide range of related themes
and plenty of discussion

For further information and registration please see conference website at:

Mary O'Connell
This Learning Life 2 Conference Secretariat
Graduate School of Education
University of Bristol
19-21 June 2008

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