Saturday, 19 April 2008

3rd iPED International Conference

3rd iPED International Conference:
'Researching Academic Visions and Realities',
8-9 September 2008, Coventry University TechnoCentre, UK

iPED 2008

Colleagues may be interested that the deadline for abstract submission has been EXTENDED to 1st MAY.

The iPED 2008 international conference invites participants to explore the Visions and Realities of three aspects of academic life:

LEADERSHIP - What "Conceptions of Leadership" do we need - and what do we have - to support globalised, competitive, multi-purpose higher education? How successful are they?

LEARNING - Which "Emergent Pedagogies" work and which do not work - and why? What new approaches are sustainable? How do teacher and learner adapt?

LITEARACY - How is "Academic Writing" being developed, introduced and evaluated. Why is it needed? How is assessment of written work changing?
Virginia King
iPED 2008 Conference Convenor
Centre for the Study of Higher Education
Coventry University

Tel: +44(0)24 7679 2313
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