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Fwd: Call for Papers ESLTIS 2020 - (Submission Deadline 13th April 2020)

Embracing Failure For Well-Being: For Educators & Learners

In this sixth conference in the Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship series our focus is on exploring the positive aspects of failure in teaching and learning.

Failure has a bad reputation but put bluntly is often the gateway to learning, whereas instant success is often a hollow victory. Staff undertaking innovative scholarly projects in teaching enhancement often run into issues and challenges and have to adapt their thinking. Similarly creating safe spaces for students to fail, allows for reflection and a deeper engagement in learning.

 Understanding this ourselves and helping students to understand it, allows us to create an environment where staff and students can flourish and develop their full potential whilst maintaining positive well-being. Contributions are invited on the role of teaching focused academics in the following topics:

  • What we learn from teaching development projects that don't go to plan?
  • How we enable students to learn from not doing as well as expected?
  • Creating safe classroom environments for students to fail
  • How we place well-being at the heart of flourishing as educators and learners and not languishing in the 'failures'.

We invite to share your mis-steps and mistakes and how you learned from them and sometimes overcame them, so that all attendees can gain a deeper understanding of your own teaching enhancement work. In a new move for 2020, we are looking for indidivduals to facilitate round table discussions aligned to the conference theme, which we're calling thematic discussions and will last 45 minutes.

 Asides from invited keynotes (TBA), contributions may take the form of 

  • Talks (15 mins)
  • Snapshots (5 mins)
  • Workshops (2 hr)
  • Thematic Discussions (45 mins)

The conference itself will take place at Keele University and will start on 15th July at 1:30 pm and will conclude at 1pm on 17th July. The first afternoon is free-form and we invite workshops on any scholarship topic, within and beyond the conference theme. A range of facilities will be made available for these workshops, from classrooms, to laboratories to outdoor campus space.

To submit a paper please click here. Call for papers will close 13th April. Conference registration will open in early March and will close in early May 2020. For more information please visit.

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Dr Jane Pritchard
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Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development  (OCSLD)
Wheatley Campus, Oxford

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