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HEA STEM: Engineering and Materials events

Enhancing the practical skills of Engineering undergraduates: where can technology help?

Wednesday 16 April 2014, Loughborough University, Loughborough.

This workshop will focus on the level of practical skills of new undergraduates and explore to what extent technology can improve these skills. The event will intersperse presentations of current best practice in laboratory work and new developments in virtualisation of laboratory/workshop/field trip activities, with group work designed to engage participants in analysis of their own experience and practice. Attendees will explore the external and internal factors that determine what practical skills their students are expected to develop. They will critically assess the methods they currently use to develop those skills and formulate an action plan for investigating the extent to which virtual practical work can be used to change their own institutional practice for the better.

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Enhancing employability through contact with practice

Thursday 24 April 2014, Plymouth University, Plymouth.

Through a series of brief presentations and structured discussions, this event contrasts the benefits and challenges of work placements with alternative forms of contact with practice including internships, simulated work environments, mentoring and use of industry-derived classroom material.

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Excellence in Postgraduate Engineering Education - Manufacturing, Materials and Design

Thursday 8 May 2014, 10:00 – 16:00, Cranfield University

Defining and achieving excellence in postgraduate education has received little attention as research surrounding best practice has typically targeted undergraduate education. This event will bring together experts from across the field of manufacturing, materials and design postgraduate education to ask the questions what should the ‘best’ postgraduate education look like and how can excellence in postgraduate teaching, learning and overall student experience be achieved?

This event will provide opportunity for focused debate and discussion with presentations from the HEA, leading postgraduate universities, accreditation bodies and industrial employers of postgraduate students. Findings from this event will be widely publicised in a postgraduate education enhancement paper that will be presented to Government at the National Manufacturing Debate.

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Postgraduates (and others) who teach: Engineering and Materials

Wednesday 14 May 2014, University of Birmingham

This one day workshop is designed for postgraduate students and other non-permanent academic staff/associates who are involved in teaching and supporting student learning specifically in the Engineering and Materials disciplines. For example delegates may be teaching, demonstrating, doing laboratory/workshop supervision, guest lecturing, marking, etc.

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Engineering and STEM Events

Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE) training courses

GDEE Project has announced the launch of nine online courses, aimed at increasing the competencies of European technical academics to integrate principles of Sustainable Human Development into their teaching.

The online courses are free and open to all European teachers or researchers in engineering, technical or science-based courses. This is a unique opportunity to gain experience in a field of studies through interactive and engaging courses written by experts in the field of engineering education and development studies, as well as expand professional networks in this area.

The first three courses available are addressed to those academics that want to introduce cross-cutting, globally relevant issues in their teaching activities:

Course 1: Making the case for a critical global engineer (starting date 31 March)

Course 2: Key elements for addressing the Global Dimension of engineering (starting date 21 April)

Course 3: The Global Engineer in Sustainable Human Development (starting date 5 May)

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about pressing issues in engineering, sustainability, and international development.

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