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FW: Transforming Assessment Webinars - next session 7 may 'learning networks' + recording released


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Subject: Transforming Assessment Webinars - next session 7 may 'learning networks' + recording released


Transforming Assessment Webinar Update - sessions at no cost
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1. Recording now available for
'Robust e-Exams: principles and practical examples' (held 3 April March).
Bill Warburton & Graham Robinson, University of Southampton, UK

2. Next Session Wed 7 May
'Promoting and assessing learning networks: Transitioning students to an emergent professional'

Presenters: Maarten de Laat (Open University Netherlands) and Shane Dawson (University of South Australia)

Education institutions are re-evaluating and changing their learning landscapes with a focus on open collaborative spaces where students have opportunity to maximize their learning experience, both in a formal and informal context. As a 'zone of proximal development' these collaborative spaces provide students with the means to prepare themselves for successful participation in our networked society. Hence, promoting student capacity and capabilities to develop personal learning networks and transition across networks are much needed 21st century skills. However, there remains the complexity of developing scalable tools and practices that can both facilitate and assess learning in networks. This session outlines the application of three separate tools that can assist educators and students in assessing networked learning. In so doing we transition from the formal education context to the more informal dynamics that evolve in professional networks. Audience interaction is encouraged to make it a lively session.

Hosted by: Professor Geoffrey Crisp (RMIT University, Australia) and
Dr Mathew Hillier (Teaching and Educational Development Institute, University of Queensland, Australia).

The start time will be 07:00 UST/GMT (duration 1 hour approx).
See your equivalent local time

To join the session please RSVP via email to:
'rsvp at'
with subject line:
'rsvp 7 may 2014 webinar'

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Please note all sessions are recorded and made public after the event.
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Further information:
These webinars are part of a series of free events covering a range of e-assessment topics.
Further information on this and future events, recordings of past sessions, project information and participation/technical help on using the virtual classroom system can be found on our website at

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Dr Mathew Hillier

Teaching and Educational Development Institute,

The University of Queensland, Australia


Transforming Assessment

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