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Fwd: SRHE: International Research and Researchers Network Seminar: 26 April 2012




The Orient Expressed: higher education policy and change in the Far East


Thursday 26 April 2012

Venue: SRHE Seminar Suite, 73 Collier Street, London N1 9BE


Registration and lunch: 13.00- 13.30

Programme 13.30 - 15.45



Higher education – who owns and who owes accountability in Korea?

A comparative critique on public-private binary ambivalence in higher education


Dr Terri Kim, Brunel University


This paper's focus is the policy and practices of restructuring higher education in South Korea in the light of the distinctive characteristics of Korean development and the (un)changing relationship between the state and higher education. Private universities are dominant: eight of Korea's top ten HEIs are private universities, and the direct involvement and investment of Chaebol [conglomerates] in the governance and management of universities has been notable. This trend has further intensified amid the process of neoliberal restructuring and global marketisation. There is a public rhetoric about neo-liberal public sector reforms and restructuring, and policy reforms are being made. The Korean example, with its changing but continuous triadic relationships between the state, the corporate and the university, implies a sharp contemporary question that is relevant to many countries including the UK: accountability for whom, in whose interests, and for what purposes, and what will be the long-term consequences?



Internationalisation and reform of China's higher education:

Beyond the expansion


Dr Qing Gu, University of Nottingham


This paper provides a critical analysis of the structures, policies and consequences of the recent expansion and change in China's higher education system. The analysis takes into account a range of ideological, social, cultural and historical factors and, through these, examines the major obstacles and achievements of the unprecedented expansion, diversification and internationalisation that Chinese higher education has experienced in the past three decades. The paper thus looks beyond the facts and numbers related to the articulated goals of the radical reforms over time. Rather, it looks into the history and context to understand in depth the nature and forms of the challenges and tensions that are embedded in the reform processes and their intended and unintended impact on individuals, institutions and society.


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To reserve a place at this seminar please register at www.eventdotorg.co.uk/events.asp or telephone +44 (0) 207 4472525.  SRHE events are open to all and free to SRHE members as part of their membership package. The delegate fee for non-members is £25 [full time students £20]. Non-members wishing to join the Society may do so at the time of registration and the delegate fee will be waived. Please note that places must be booked in advance and that a £25 for non-attendance will be charged if a place has been reserved but no notice of cancellation/non-attendance has been given in advance.



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