Friday, 7 January 2011

Fwd: Friendly invitation to participate SCEPTrE's final conference

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From: Norman Jackson <>
Date: 7 January 2011 09:11
Subject: Friendly invitation to participate SCEPTrE's final conference

Dear colleagues
May we wish you a happy and successful year and draw your attention to what will be SCEPTrE's final conference as we finish at the end of March. The focus is on student development through their wider life experiences while they are at university and there is a strong focus on capability development. We have two very good and interesting keynote speakers. Professor John Cowan will call for radical changes in pedagogy to support these forms of student development and Maret Staron (Mindful Creations Australia) will talk about her research and development work into life-based learning in the work environment. Her work emphasises the need for a strength-based approach to capability development.
We have structured the conference to encourage lots of participation and sharing of practice and we are sponsoring it to keep costs to a minimum. We hope that you will not only want to attend the conference but share your own practices in supporting student development. To find out more and download the booking form please visit the symposium wiki.
Please pass this invitation to anyone you feel might be interested.
Best wishes
Professor Norman Jackson
Director Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education
Student Lifewide Development Symposium
Role of PDP, portfolios, facilitation, technology and recognition schemes in encouraging
and enabling holistic student development through their lifewide experiences
Tuesday March 1st  2011  10.00- 16.00
Lakeside Conference Centre Aston University
Sponsorship by SCEPTrE allows the cost to be kept to £50
Student Lifewide Development Symposium wiki

David Andrew,
Head of Academic Practice

The Learning Institute at Queen Mary, University of London

Mile End, London E1 4NS



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