Friday, 30 April 2010

Re: ocsld online staff development courses

Engaging students with assessment and feedback
30 June - 30 July 2010

This online course is for academics interested in improving their assessment and feedback practice.

As a key driver of student learning it is important that our assessment practices are effective, yet it is clear that this is not the case in many HE contexts.

The course is based on a theoretical model of assessment called the social constructivist process model. This model hinges on the importance of student engagement with assessment. Included in the model is an argument for several fundamental reconceptualisations of assessment and feedback compared with current approaches.

The course builds on the work of the Assessment Standards and Knowledge exchange (ASKe), a Centre for Excellence in assessment. It is led by Professor Chris Rust, an internationally renowned expert in assessment in higher education, and Dr Greg Benfield, Staff and Educational Development Consultant.

Using practical examples, including case studies, Chris and Greg will encourage you to explore how, in your own courses, you might involve students at key points in the assessment process.

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