Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fwd: Lifewide Learning Conference

Dear colleagues
SCEPTrE is running its annual conference on the theme of Life-Wide Learning in Higher Education on April 13/14th in the Lecture Theatre Block. We have a good selection of invited speakers (times and topics given below) and you are very welcome to join us via the live streaming links on the conference wiki. Full details of the programme and the e-proceedings can be found on the conference website.
Tuesday April 13
11-45-12.40 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block
                                     Life-Wide Education: a new and transformative concept for higher education?                                      
16.40-17.40 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block 
                                                                           Life-wide Learning; 'What matters to me as a teacher?'                                                                                
16.40-17.40 Learning in a Complex World: creating meaning through narrative
and the role of technology in augmenting human sense-making
Wednesday April 14th
11.35-12.30 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block 
                                       The Balance between Communities and Personal Agency: Transferring and                                             
integrating knowledge and know-how between different communities and contexts
14.15-15.10 Griffiths Lecture Theatre – Lecture Theatre Block 
How can technology help us realize the learning potential of a life-wide curriculum?
Towards a curriculum for resilience 
14.15 -15.10 Room A Lecture Theatre Block
Beyond the Curriculum:opportunities to enhance employability and future life choices 
Tuesday April 13th
13.45-14.55 Institutional Leaders– Opportunities and challenges of valuing and recognizing informal learning.
15.00-16.00 Students' Voices– Valuing and recognising our life-wide learning.
Wednesday April 14th
09.00-09.55 Award Leaders – What have we learnt about assuring the quality and standards of our extra- and co-curricular awards?
10.00-10.55 Employer Perspectives - Are these forms of learning valuable to employers?
13.15-14.10 PDP-e-portfolio practitioners- Making informal learning explicit: the challenge of integrating PDP, technology and HEAR

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