Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Re: Use of digital stories in professional learning

2010/1/12 Norman Jackson <Norman.Jackson@surrey.ac.uk>

January 20th 10.30-16.15 (including lunch)
Digital Story Telling Academy with a focus on professional situations
University of Surrey, Guildford
This Digital Story Telling Academy is intended to provide an introduction to the concept and techniques of digital story telling and to examine some of the ways that this technique could be used to support reflective learning and meaning making in the process of learning to be professional in higher education or being a more effective professional in the work place.

Facilitation team

  • Jane Leng, Director of Studies- Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care Practice, Leader for Adult Branch Nursing Degree and SCEPTrE Fellow
  • Martin Jenkins, Academic Manager, Centre for Active Learning, University of Gloucestershire
  • Professor Paul Thomas Clinical Director, Ealing Primary Care Trust (and PCT colleagues)
  • Chris Stanage SCEPTrE Technologist, (year 3 BSc Economics Professional Training)

Only 8 places left.  To reserve a place please complete the booking form at  http://learningtobeprofessional.pbworks.com/Digital-Story-Academy

and return to sceptre@surrey.ac.uk as soon as possible.

Seminar Tuesday January 26th 2010 12.30-13.45
The session will be streamed live from this page http://learningtobeprofessional.pbworks.com/Cathy-Farrell
Industry Partnerships, Community Engagement and 'Real Life' Learning Through Project Work.
Cathy Farrell, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
 As part of Swinburne University of Technology's commitment to professional learning through project work, the Media Studies program offers a range of 'real life' learning opportunities to final year undergraduate students. The projects range from internal artefact creation through to working with leading corporations and local communities. This seminar will present a number of examples of successfully completed project work. Discussion will focus on the ongoing role of industry partners and local communities in providing and supporting student projects, and the supervision and assessment of student project work.

Please contact sceptre@surrey.ac.uk if you would like to participate

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