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Fwd: The London Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) 8th International Conference


The London Scholarship of Teaching &  Learning (SoTL)

8th International Conference


13 & 14 May 2010

The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

London, UK


Call for proposals for 'London SoTL 2010'


Disciplines, Pedagogies and Cultures for SoTL



Dan Bernstein (University of Kansas); Anthony A. Ciccone (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee); Sue Clegg (Leeds Metropolitan University)Brian Coppola (University of Michigan); Glynis Cousin (University of Wolverhampton); Mick Healey (University of Gloucestershire); Mary Huber (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching)CarolinKreber (University of Edinburgh) ;  Rowena Murray (University of Strathclyde); Lin Norton (Liverpool Hope University); Jan Parker (Open University)Ross Peterson-Veatch (Goshen College, US); Aaron Porter (Vice President of National Union of Students); Stephen Rowland (University College London); Torgny Roxå  (Lund University)


CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: 5th February 2010 now extended to 22nd February


This year's themes are at the core of the SoTL community's reflections on its purpose and progress. The issues they raised have gradually emerged as problematic, and therefore worthy of debate and enquiry, in recent years across the sector. Expanding the notion of SoTL beyond the confines of the classroom and across the boundaries of the discipline has brought to the fore the following questions:


·         Are SoTL methodologies theoretically informed and how?

·         Is theory a meaningful area of concern for SoTL?

·         Is disciplinarity a stumbling block for SoTL?

·         What are the challenges of interdisciplinarity for SoTL?

·         Can SoTL travel beyond English-speaking countries and how?

·         Does SoTL effectively inform new pedagogies and how?

·         Do HE institutions value SoTL and how?

·         Do 'quality conceptions' of SoTL and the concern for 'scientific' rigour and measurability restrict the SoTL span?

·         Is SoTL an effective instrument to improve student learning?

·         Do SoTL activities develop critical learning in faculty and students?

·         What are the most appropriate pedagogies for criticality?

·         What are the characteristics of a SoTL culture?

·         How do departmental and institutional cultures impact on SoTL?

·         What are the main benefits for students of SoTL approaches to practice?

·         What is the impact of macro-policies (e.g. Bologna, Accreditation in the USA)


These questions will inform our debates at the London SoTL 8th International Conference, under three different strands.





Strand 1:  Disciplines

In this strand we will be considering the complex relationship between the discipline, which is the traditional structural unit for universities and SoTL which has tended to work across or beyond disciplinary units. The debate and reflections around this theme might address issues linked to interdisciplinarity, collaborations beyond the discipline, genericism, disciplinary methodologies in SoTL, and so on.


The following disciplines sub-themes would be of particular, but not exclusive, interest:

·         Discipline specific and interdisciplinary initiatives

·         The role of the discipline in informing methodologies used in SoTL

·         SoTL as a generic theoretical framework

·         Reports on linkage between research and teaching within and across disciplines

·         SoTL and disciplinary research


Strand 2: Pedagogies

Examining and developing pedagogies is of course at the heart of the SoTL enterprise. Focusing on pedagogies and the curriculum has re-ignited an interest in the relation between the 'how' and the 'why' of teaching. What is the purpose of a university education, and what attributes might one seek to develop in the next generation of graduates? How can we develop, deliver and evaluate these pedagogies? What form of evidence might we want to bring to the table? Those questions will inform delegates' reflections on pedagogies for the 21st century.


The following pedagogies sub-themes would be of particular, but not exclusive, interest:

·         Innovative pedagogies and SoTL:

·         Fit-for-purpose pedagogies?

·         Using SoTL to develop criticality in students

·         Engaging students in SoTL

·         Approaches to SoTL and the link to 'excellence'

·         Teaching and learning with technology

·         SoTL and a changing student body


Strand 3: Cultures

SoTL debates over the past few years, especially (but not only) at London SoTL, have emphasised the impact of 'cultures' on teaching and learning. Specific cultural impacts have included institutional and departmental cultures, national HE initiatives including the development of quality cultures in HE, and the internationalisation and globalisation of HE. In this strand, we are seeking proposals that will address those issues, with specific reference to the impact on SoTL.


The following cultures sub-themes would be of particular, but not exclusive, interest:

·         The changing role of the SoTL academic

·         SoTL and institutional or departmental cultures

·         Adapting SoTL to national contexts or cultures

·         Defining and observing excellence in practice from a SoTL lens

·         The impact of national quality agendas on SoTL approaches

·         The challenges of intercultural issues

·         Expanding SoTL communities

·         SoTL as a global agenda


This year's themes will be addressed in the plenary panel sessions and in the now customary "Author meets Reader" sessions.  We encourage all participants to address the themes, and the connections between them, whenever possible throughout the conference.


A pre-conference 'networking event' is scheduled on 12 May 2010 from 2.30 pm for delegates who arrive in London early. It includes drinks and a visit to a cultural London site. An optional dinner (at delegates' own expense) is also planned. Please indicate your intention to apply on registration.


Format for presentations:  Three 20 minutes papers followed by a 10 minute discussion for each session

Format for abstract submission: Online submission, 300 words maximum. Click on the link below:


All abstracts submitted from outside the UK will be reviewed within three weeks of submission.

Distinctive features of the conference:

  • Opportunity to disseminate outcomes of work in progress, project reports and learning and teaching grants
  • Local scholars and scholars from Australia, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Japan, UK, and US regularly attend the London SoTL Conference
  • Authors of new and recent books on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Papers, work in progress, project reports, seminars and workshops demonstrating the scholarship of teaching and learning


All forms of scholarship are encouraged to be submitted for presentation.


London SoTL 2010 is sponsored by the Institute for Teaching, Innovation and Learning, Thames Valley University, London, England in association with:

·         The International Society for SoTL (ISSOTL)

·         The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) (US)

·         The Higher Education Academy (HEA) (UK)


The London SoTL International Conference 2008 Proceedings are now posted on the Higher Education Academy website:


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Joelle Fanghanel, Conference Convenor


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