Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development Spring 2009 course programme

The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development 
Spring 2009 course programme

range of online courses are between four and six weeks long and have
been designed to give you time and space to think through complex
issues, identify how they impact on your own work, and make plans for
future developments. All the courses are activity-based, supported by
course texts and by specially developed online resources. Each week you
will work through some guided readings, record your thoughts, share
your work with others in your group, discuss your work and that of
other members of your group, and analyse and summarise your findings.

Leading educational change, 19 January - 27 February 2009
Developed for SEDA, for more information go to:

Online Tutoring, 28 January - 27 February 2009
An updated course to learn the skills required to be an online tutor, for more information go to:

Supporting educational change, 2 February - 13 March 2009
Developed for SEDA, for more information go to:

Reflective learning in higher education and professional development, 4 March - 3 April 2009
A broad introduction to this topic, for more information go to:

Internationalising the curriculum, 23 March - 1 May 2009
course is designed to introduce teachers in higher education to the
wide-ranging concept of an internationalised curriculum,for more
information go to:

you would like more information on these or any of our courses, or to
enquire about a bespoke course for your institution, please go to our
web site:

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