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Learning to be Professional through a Life-wide Curriculum

Learning to be Professional through a Life-wide Curriculum

Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SCEPTrE), University of Surrey, Guildford

Tuesday March 31st & Wednesday April 1st 2009

A life-wide curriculum
maximises opportunity for embracing the most inclusive concept of
learning (whole life learning) and for encouraging and valuing learning
and achievement from the widest range of experiences available to a
learner. In this conference we want to encourage exploration of the
concept in the context of enabling learners to develop the qualities,
skills and personal agency necessary to become a good professional.

Call for Papers

Practitioners and researchers
are invited to submit an abstract of up to 400 words using the template
provided in the Registration Form. Papers must address one and ideally
connect to more than one of the conference themes:

    • Learning to be professional: how
      learners gain insights to and experience of the professional world:
      their journeys and stories of learning to be a professional
    • Qualities, skills and personal
      agency needed to be a good professional and how these are developed
      through modules and programmes that seek to integrate learning from
      academic study, work, volunteering and other life experiences: the idea
      of a life-wide curriculum.
    • Influence of Professional and Statutory Regulatory Bodies in shaping what it means to learn to be professional
    • Value of career development learning in the process of learning to be professional
    • Role of PDP in helping learners develop the skills and habits of reflection that enable them to learn to be professional.
    • Use of technology to facilitate learning to be professional.

Deadline for Abstracts February 20th 2009

Cost £150 with overnight accommodation and entertainment

Further information and registration forms please visit.

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