Thursday, 17 February 2022

Fwd: Invitation: Inclusive Curriculum Consultants seminar


We are excited to announce the second seminar of this spring's series with Tamara Reid who will talk to us about Inclusive Curriculum Consultants: Lessons learned from student-staff partnerships in curriculum development, design, and review on Friday the 25th of February from 1-2 pm.  


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The Inclusive Curriculum Consultant Programme allows students to be involved in the development of curricula, share their voices and perspectives.  Staff working in partnerships with the programme have the opportunity to work with and learn from a diverse student perspective leading to the review of teaching materials, and discussions of how a particular module or course can be redesigned and changed to be more inclusive and accessible to our diverse student body. 

In this talk, I will bring you on my journey of redesigning the programme and discussing my lessons learned and critical reflection from the last year of running the Inclusive Curriculum Consultants. Looking at issues of allyship, learned helplessness, evaluation, and partnership as empowerment.  

It is my hope that this talk provides you with some food for thought in relation to your own programmes. As well as providing us an opportunity to be discussing our journeys of becoming in student-staff partnerships. 

Tamara Reid, Inclusive Curriculum Consultants Programme Lead at Kingston University, will be joined by respondents Elantha Evans, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Cities and Students as Co-Creators Academic Partner, University of Westminster, and Kyra Araneta, Student Partnership Research Assistant and Master's in International Relations Student, University of Westminster. 

We wish you a lovely day and look forward to hosting you on the 25th. 

Warm wishes,  


Dr Fatima Maatwk

Student Partnership Lecturer 

Centre for Education and Teaching Innovation


Organisations, Economy, and Society

University of Westminster 

309 Regent Street

London, United Kingdom, W1B 2HW



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