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Fwd: Deadline March 5th – Online Teaching and Learning

See news on this virtual conference in collaboration with Routledge and several universities internationally. The deadline is March 5th.



Ball State University, USA; University of Pretoria, South Africa; Beaconhouse University, Pakistan;
Kassel University, Germany


Place: Virtual
Dates: 21-23 April, 2021
Abstracts: 05 March, 2021



Recent events across the world of academia have brought online education and research into full light. As universities, schools and colleges closed across the world in 2020, researchers, teachers and students scrambled to adapt to a new reality. This conference seeks to explore how we are responding, what we've learnt, and how we are developing new teaching methods.



This conference welcomes presentations from researchers and teachers on how they operate in the 'online classroom, studio or lab' and how they function 'in the field' using the new technologies available to them. It welcomes papers on:

-emergency remote responses to the 'online switch' produced by the Coronavirus;
-techniques for teaching traditionally 'physical' activities like prototyping online;
-technologies that facilitate real-time discussion on designed objects, buildings and places;
-the potential shifts in student demographics initiated by online education;
-how internationalization in the Higher Education sector will be affected by 'place free' universities;
-how place-focused disciplines such as geography and urban planning can respond to the 'impossibility' of place bound study;
-how do study tours get replaced by virtual tours in disciplines like art history…. and more.


PUBLISHERS: Routledge | UCL Press


FORMATS: Pre-recorded presentations, Lightening Talks, Zoom, written papers

Previous pre-recorded presentations:


This event is a collaboration between Routledge and several universities internationally. It is coordinated by Amps.

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