Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Fwd: *Free webinar* Case Studies: How to do Team-Based Learning Online

The second webinar in our short series Case Studies: How to do Team-Based Learning Online which will take place 2-3pm BST this Thursday 30th July.

How do you actually 'do' TBL online?

If you're a novice distance learning educator, teaching using TBL online can be a daunting prospect: how can it still be engaging if everyone is suffering from zoom fatigue? Can it still be inclusive? Will you need to learn all sorts of complicated new tools?

If you are struggling with the practicalities of how to create an online active, collaborative environment and how to use available resources to support effective delivery, this webinar is for you.

We will guide you through two very different approaches for TBL remote education practice:

1) asynchronous using only a VLE and

2) synchronous using a VLE, MS Teams and some specialist software

You'll be able to compare and contrast the benefits of both and have some authentic examples to act as inspiration as you develop your own practice.

You'll hear from:

Dr Michele Clark

Dr Michele Clark

Dr Steve Cayzer

Michele Clark, an emerita from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, has a research focused on clinical practice, caregiver burden and depression, improving health behavior for the diabetic client, and evaluating the team-based learning teaching strategy.

Dr Clark is an active member of the TBL collaborative. She presently chairs the membership committee and lead 20 faculty members in the development and publication of a white paper for best practices for online TBL. Presently she is part of the initiative to get the best practices for online TBL published in the journal New Directions in Teaching and Learning and is leading the TBLC initiative to develop an online TBL certificate program.

Dr Steve Cayzer is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath where he designs and leads interdisciplinary programmes in Engineering Management. He champions active learning approaches that foster student agency, peer learning and collaboration on meaningful challenges.  He enjoys working with students and colleagues to develop research-informed best practices in teaching, and to share these practices across the sector and beyond. Examples of these innovations include the use of Team Based Learning (TBL), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS), team profiling, social network analysis and gamification, all of which have been addressed in his pedagogical research.


You may also find this paper, Off-to-On: Best Practices for Online Team-Based Learning, useful. 

Register here - we look forward to seeing you there!

With best wishes,

Rebecca McCarter

Educational Development Consultant


Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy

Accredited Trainer-Consultant in Team-Based Learning


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