Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Fwd: Knowledge in EAP PIM registration and call for host proposals open


Registration is now open for the next PIM on June 22nd at the University of Northampton. All information is on the BALEAP website, but just to remind you about the day:


The Knowledge in EAP PIM aims to explore and exploit the existing knowledge, experience and beliefs of the BALEAP community present on the day to interrogate the position of knowledge in EAP, with the intention of challenging the status quo and driving the field of EAP forward.

There has been increasing consideration of the role of knowledge in the field of EAP [with Ding and Bruce's (2017) focus on the practitioner, Maton's plenary at the 2017 conference in Bristol introducing Legitimation Code Theory, Kirk's (2017) 'seeing knowledges in academic writing', and Monbec's (2018) focus on making knowledge explicit in the EAP curriculum]. It would appear that now is an opportune moment to open up dialogue across the BALEAP community concerning knowledge in EAP. To this end, the structure of this PIM is quite different, aiming to generate discussion and enable contributions from the wider audience. The day will follow the world café format, with a call for café hosts, rather than a traditional call for papers. Hosts will lead a room; introducing the room to an aspect of knowledge within EAP that the host feels passionate about and/or has researched (in a maximum of 6 minutes) and then facilitating the audience's exploration of this theme through up to 4 related questions. This format will afford greater discussion and input from the participants, enabling the host to gather a richer snapshot of the EAP community's beliefs and experiences.

Suggested considerations for host proposals:

* Pedagogical content knowledge

* Content knowledge

* Knowledge base of the EAP practitioner

* The production of knowledge

* Metalinguistic knowledge

* Legitimate Knowledge

* Troublesome knowledge

* New directions for knowledge in EAP

Although this is a one-day event, it is hoped that it will be a catalyst for taking EAP in new directions, with long-lasting impacts. The intention is that there are tangible outputs from the day to be published and made freely available to the global EAP community.


The call for host proposals is now open and closes midnight 17th March.


All information is here: https://www.baleap.org/event/knowledge-in-eap


You can also email baleap@northampton.ac.uk if you have any questions or would like any more information.



Best wishes

Qian (on behalf of the PIM team)




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