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FW: Plymouth University Conferences

Hi all

Just before you all settle down into Christmas festivities, we wanted to highlight a few conferences and events coming up in Plymouth in 2016:

Masters Teaching: Setting New Agendas Conference (8th January)

Effective evaluation: Moving beyond the happy sheet? (7th April)

5th PedRIO Pedagogic Research Conference (8th April) - deadline for Abstracts 15th January

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



This one day conference will bring together an audience of academic and professional services staff and students from across the disciplines to discuss Masters-level Teaching and Learning issues for the 21st century. The themes for the conference are: Student Support and Transition, Effective Learning, Curriculum Design, and Assessment.  See our programme  To Register for abstracts, deadline: Friday 15 January 2016. 

Keynote Speaker
Adam Benjamin, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance, School of Humanities & Performing Arts
The Pedagogic Practice of Improvisation - Will we find it when we get there?

We will be focusing on teaching, learning and pedagogy in higher education. From Curriculum Innovation to Internationalisation this one day conference will bring together an audience of academic and professional services staff and students from across the disciplines. This event aims to disseminate best practice and allow for knowledge exchange on important key themes, relevant to Teaching and Learning provision within the University sector.

The 5 key themes for the conference are: Internationalisation, Educational Sustainable Development, Induction and Transition, Assessment, and Curriculum Innovation.

If you are interested in attending this Conference you may also be interested in our 1 day workshop the day before on effective Evaluation…

Interested in Moving beyond the happy sheet?
This 1 day workshop will be of interest to those with a remit for supporting and leading teaching related CPD within HE contexts.

Keynote Speaker
Roni Bamber, Director-Centre for Academic Practice, Queen Margaret University
‘Evidencing Value in Teaching and Learning’
This one day event aims to bring together expertise from across the higher education community to discuss contemporary evaluation practices used to examine the impact of our CPD activities.   Evaluation is common feature of in HE, however, much evaluation relies upon an in situ snapshot which takes place post intervention and provides measurements of satisfaction, rather than of those changes to thinking and practice which develop over time.  Greater consideration needs to be placed on measuring the breadth of impacts from CPD activities, looking beyond immediate satisfaction, to how CPD changes practice in the longer term and also shapes student learning.  See attached for further information.

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Teaching and Learning Support

Debby Cotton
Professor of Higher Education Pedagogy & Head of Educational Development

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