Tuesday, 7 October 2014

On-line courses from the Oxford Centre for Staff Development

First steps into learning
and teaching in He (FSLT )

28 January – 6 March 2015
This five-week introduction to teaching in higher
education runs as a MOOC, free and open to
all for participation (assessment incurs a fee).
The course relies on sharing knowledge with
your peers, and will leave you better informed
about teaching and learning in higher education
and confident that you could try out new things.
Through the course you may also form and
strengthen your professional support network of
teachers in higher education.
Accredited: 10 M-level credits.

Strategies for Success in
Academic Writing

3 June – 3 July 2015
The main topics covered are: planning research
writing, submitting publications, conducting
peer review, revising texts, and enhancing
your productivity as an academic writer. This
course is designed to support your completion
of a publication or other project you are near to
finishing, but it will also be useful to kick-start
your academic writing, or help you overcome
the challenges of juggling writing with a busy
professional life.

Extending your learning

17 June – 17 July 2015
This course focuses on enhancing teaching
and learning by harnessing the potential of
new technology and tools for interactivity and
engagement. You will have a chance to explore
a range of up to date tools and assess their
suitability for use in online courses. You will
discuss with your peers the issues they raise
including privacy, disclosure, and digital and
information literacy and explore the extent to
which new pedagogies are required to teach in
this digital age.

Teaching online open
course (TOOC)

15 March – 8 May 2015
This is an intensive introduction to supporting
student learning in online environments,
designed as a follow-on course to FSLT; it also
runs as a MOOC. Because learning by doing is
the best way to learn the skills required of the
online tutor this course is highly participative
and is designed around frequent opportunities
for participants to practise and receive feedback
on their developing skills as an online tutor.
Accredited: 10 M-level credits.

www.brookes.ac.uk/ocsld | ocsld@brookes.ac.uk | 01865 485910

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