Monday, 22 September 2014

FW: Where does theory come from in the doctoral project?

Where does theory come from in the doctoral project?
Date - Monday, 10 November 2014: 11.30 - 16.00
Venue - SRHE, 73 Collier St, London N1 9BE
Network - Postgraduate Issues
Facilitators:Victoria Perselli (Kingston University) and Anne Betzel (Kingston University)
This interactive workshop is concerned with how researchers engaged in doctoral studies arrive at a theoretical underpinning for their research topics, and how this is put to work in the development of the project itself (for example in relation to ethics, values and methodology). The workshop is aimed at present and potential doctoral students, supervisors, examiners and anyone interested in this oftentimes 'slippery' element of the research process. We will begin by considering some recent responses to the question from experienced practitioners and progress to consider the places and spaces of theory in the context of participants' own research projects and themes.

Victoria Perselli is an Associate Professor at Kingston University. She is co-director of postgraduate education in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education. Victoria is currently conducting a longitudinal study on the relationship of theory to research in a range of professional and disciplinary fields, by continuous revisiting the question 'Where does theory come from…? She is particularly interested in how theory and theorising may be put to work to bring about change in diverse learning and teaching contexts, and to what extent thereby a 'pedagogy of change' may be useful in and beyond current settings of higher education.
Anne Betzel specialises in world Englishes, intercultural communication and critical discourse analysis. In her research into the role of theory in education research, she focuses on the development a pedagogy of change which restores the centrality of the political in an attempt to create spaces for new discourses of emancipation and political discourses of the Left.

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