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FW: Stephen Downes at the LSE 9th July

The Inaugural NetworkEdge seminar featuring Stephen Downes – 3pm, 9th July 2014, LSE Library

Building on the impact and success of NetworkED, LTI is launching a landmark series of talks and debates about the future of Higher Education called NetworkEDGE.  Featuring a range of speakers from industry and academia, this series will ask the critical questions that will shape the future of the  LSE and the wider sector.

What form should Higher Education in the digital age take? Technology continues to change the way we teach, learn and assess.  Is this transformative or disruptive? Learners are sometimes digitally competent, collaborative and connected, sometimes overwhelmed by the demands the digital world makes on them. How do we support them? Institutional policies, pedagogies and strategies often remain rooted in traditions and practices from the analogue world and are less able to respond or support active experimentation and creativity. How should we change institutional strategies to make them more flexible and responsive?

The first NetworkEDGE seminar will be held on July 9th at 15:00 and will feature Stephen Downes.  Stephen is a Senior Researcher for the National Research Council of Canada, and brings 20 years of education technology and new instructional media design expertise to the development of new online learning environments.  In 2008, Downes and George Siemens designed and taught an online, open course widely considered to be the world’s first MOOC. He is a prodigious blogger through his online newsletter, OLDaily, in addition to publications in such fields as learning objects, learning management systems, personal learning environments, and open educational resources. Downes is a pioneer in the field of learning networks and learning content syndication. Today Downes manages the NRC’s Learning and Performance Support Systems research program, a federally funded initiative linking learners with learning opportunities and personal professional development and support.


This will be a very engaging and provocative debate which we hope will set the tone for the rest of the NetworkEDGE series for 2014/15. If you wish to attend, please send an email to Niamh Ryan (





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