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Fwd: CPD Opportunity for Staff and Educational Developers

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Subject: CPD Opportunity for Staff and Educational Developers
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2012 12:50:16 +0100
From: Lawrie Phipps <l.phipps@JISC.AC.UK>
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Dear SEDA colleagues,


One of the projects in JISC Transformations Programme, Leicester's  P2.0PLE project (Peer-2.0-Peer Learning Enhancement), is offering a free, short online course called Designing for collaborative learning. The course is free to members of the JISC community (first come, first serve basis) and will run for two weeks from 15 October 2012. It will require a total of 12 to 16 hours of study time in total.


A course overview can be found below, including instructions on how to register. You may wish to circulate this information to relevant colleagues who could benefit from this course.



Lawrie Phipps




Designing for collaborative learning

An online course for members of the JISC community



Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with responsibility for online course design, moderating online student groups, or is interested in setting up participative online groups of students or researchers.
  • Colleagues who need to maximise student participation via asynchronous online tools in their learning designs.
  • Distance learning tutors who want to provide cost-effective environments for student support and engagement.
  • Associate Tutors who teach on established or new online courses.


What will I get out of it?

By the end of the course, participants will have:

  • Played an active role, as students, in a task-based online course.
  • Identified practical design ideas that they can quickly apply across their own programmes.
  • Experienced and applied specific strategies to maximise purposeful learner motivation and engagement.
  • Experimented with techniques to develop, inspire and retain learners.
  • Been exposed to a range of resources relevant to participative online learning and teaching, assessment and feedback.
  • Acquired a number of e-moderating skills, including the ability to write concise and personable online messages, enable and support contributions, weave and summarise.



Two weeks. The course involves approximately 6 to 8 hours of online work per participant per week.


Start date

15 October 2012.



The course will be run on Blackboard's Course Sites (www.coursesites.com). Participants will be asked to sign up for a free account. Their usernames will then be added to the relevant course on Course Sites.


To register, please email your name, role, institution, telephone number and Course Sites username (see previous point) to Jen Beard (jb478@le.ac.uk) by 7 September 2012.



Jen Beard and other e-moderators from the Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester.



An electronic certificate of completion will be sent to participants who demonstrate achievement of the stated learning outcomes, by satisfactorily completing all of the course e-tivities and evaluation form. The course does not attract HE credits.


Use of course materials

The course materials (including all e-tivities) are open educational resources. They have been released under a Creative Commons BY (attribution) licence, which means you can repurpose and reuse them in your own teaching, with appropriate attribution (see below).



The is no cost to members of the JISC and HE Academy community. However, the University of Leicester reserves the right to charge a fee of £100 to any individual who registers on the course and fails to take part in it.



Research data will be collected and analysed as part of the course. By joining the course, you agree for the data (including participants’ contributions to wikis, forums and blogs) to be used anonymously for research purposes. Earlier versions of this course have been run and researched at the University of Leicester and elsewhere.



The courses were designed and piloted by Alejandro Armellini and Simon Kear, with input from Jennifer Beard and other colleagues at the Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester. This is a refined version of the course and forms part of the JISC-funded P2.0PLE project (Peer-2.0-Peer Learning Enhancement), led by the Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester.



Questions related to this course may be sent to Jen Beard (jb478@le.ac.uk), Simon Kear (spk7@le.ac.uk) or Dr Alejandro Armellini (aa277@le.ac.uk).




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