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Events from the Higher Education Academy newsletter


19.HEA STEM: Transitions, employability and professional identity: case study in Architecture, 4 September 2012, University of Ulster

This seminar will showcase and reflect on learning activities with level 4 architecture students to introduce them both to higher education, and the construction of a professional identity. It will reflect on learning activities in the University of Ulster and will provide the opportunity for networking and discussion between academics and practitioners.

20.Changing Englishes in internationalising universities: increasing the language awareness of home and international students and academic staff, 7 September 2012, York St John University

This event is being hosted as part of the HEA’s Workshop and seminar series. The seminar aims to address changing ideas about English, and especially the variable and dynamic nature of English as used in international contexts.

21.Teaching History in higher education: HEA Teaching and Learning Conference 2012, 11 - 12 September 2012, Senate House, London

Sessions will explore theory and practices in teaching, learning and assessment in critical areas such as public history and community engagement, the use of new technologies, the interface between school and university pedagogies, curriculum development and the student and staff experience.

22.HEA STEM (Maths, Stats & OR): Induction course for new lecturers, 12 - 13 September 2012, University of Nottingham

This course is designed for lecturers who are new to teaching and the content includes key practical and pedagogic aspects of teaching, learning and assessment from the perspective of the MSOR academic.

23.Inclusivity in the classroom, 13 September 2012, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

The Embedding Equality and Diversity in the Curriculum programme, funded by the Scottish Funding Council, is holding a one day conference to allow Scottish further education colleges and higher education institutions to showcase the work they have done in addressing the 2010 Equality Act.

24.Higher level skills for the green economy, 13 September 2012, Anglia Ruskin University

This event aims to crystallise the characteristics of a graduate required to contribute to and influence the transition to a green economy. It will also look at how HEIs can develop these characteristics through an open and transparent education.

25.HEA STEM: Enhancing fieldwork learning showcase, 14 – 16 September 2012, Preston Montford Field Studies Centre, Shropshire

This event will showcase a number of simple technologies which can enhance fieldwork learning and should be of interest to Physical Geography, Human Geography, Earth, Environmental and Bioscience practitioners.

26.Internationalising the curriculum: Improving staff development initiatives, 14 September 2012, Manchester Metropolitan University

This workshop will focus on MMU as a case study to consider staff development to support internationalisation of the curriculum. It is being hosted as part of the HEA’s Workshop and seminar series 2012.

27.HEA STEM (Maths, Stats & OR): Workshop for postgraduate students who teach, 18 September - Queen's University of Belfast, 24 September - University of Southampton, 26 September - University of Leeds, 27 September - University of Nottingham, 28 September - Queen Mary, University of London, 8 October - University of Bristol, 9 October - University of Sheffield,1 November - University of Manchester, 9 November - University of Lancaster, 14 November - University of Leicester

These workshops will be delivered by experienced academics who are subject specialists in Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research (MSOR) and the content and delivery will be discipline specific.

28.Student Engagement with International Curriculum Development, 19 October 2012, Cardiff Metropolitan University

This seminar will focus on a student centred project carried out at Cardiff Metropolitan University and will cover the student involvement in international curriculum design, how their recommendations were put into practice and the conclusions drawn from the experience.


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