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Fwd: Two days of sun, sea and intellectual stimulation

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I thought that some of you might be interested to hear about our forthcoming (9th) Galway Symposium on Higher Education which is scheduled for June 9th and 10th this year. Last year's theme was 'creativity' and it was great to see a number of you from this list as participants and keynotes. Thanks for your support.   The 2011 event is also the annual conference of Ireland's rather grand sounding, but kind and generous, National Academy for the Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning (

This year's general theme is that of 'engagement' and is focusing on nurturing and harnessing the intellectual engagement of students on their study, but still keeping a fairly broad perspective on related issues.  The programme is still being designed and a call for contributions will be coming out soon, but amongst the speakers and presenters are Guy Claxton (Winchester -known to all here, no doubt), Derek Bruff (Vanderbilt, major 'clicker' guru and prodigious tweeter), Lesley Gourlay (IoE, London, expert on academic literacies), Mike Neary (Lincoln - 'student as producer'), Elizabeth Dunne (Exeter – fabulous work on student led projects), Usman Ali (NUS(UK), engagement officer).

Workshops, panels and that favourite from last year: Pecha Kucha, will all feature in the programme, but most of all we can promise a lively, hospitable and open-minded group of participants and those are the two sunny days in Galway's weather calendar!

I'll pop up more information as it becomes available, but go on, pencil in your diaries.


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