Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fwd: Academic Integrity Workshop - 16th September 2010

Acaemic Integrity Workshop - 16th September 2010
Oxford Brookes University (Wheatley Campus)
HLST & Academy JISC Academic Integrity Service

Student plagiarism and related concerns, such as collusion are serious and complex issues in higher education. In recent years, higher education institutions has been working to improve their policies and practice in the area of academic integrity not only to ensure that cases of plagiarism can be effectively managed but so that students have opportunities to develop their understanding of good academic practice and the associated skills. This workshop will give us an opportunity to discuss the implementation of institutional policies and practice relating to academic integrity, and how these might be reviewed and improved. There will be an opportunity to share good practice in this area and to help inform the development of related guidance for the higher education community.

If you or a colleague from the HLST community might be interested in attending this day, please let us know by email to: hlst@brookes.ac.uk

For more information and to see the programme please see: http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/hlst/events/detail/2010/160810_academic_integrity_workshop

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