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Fwd: Streamed seminars & e-book

Learning to be Professional through a Higher Education e-book
How Professionals Learn through Work Professor Michael Eraut

Thursday October  15th 2009 12.30-13.30
The value of digital story telling in learning to be professional
Jane Leng, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences University of Surrey and SCEPTrE Fellow
The seminar presents the results of a Fellowship project which was stimulated by a concern that some student nurses underestimate the learning that takes place in practice and have limited awareness of their own tacit knowledge. Drawing on the work of Michael Eraut into how professionals learn through work, I investigated the power of stories to capture and articulate deep professional learning and the added value there may be in using emerging technologies to assist story telling.  A group of final year undergraduate student nurses focussed on an experience from practice which had been important in their professional development and created a digital story to explain what they had learnt.  The students' own evaluation of both the process and outcome of this work has been highly positive. Clinical educators and university teachers also recognised the stories as both inspiring and instructional. It is now intended that the stories be used as learning objects for both pre registration students and those learning to be mentors of students in practice. The lessons learnt from this project can inform the use of digital stories in other professional training contexts.

If you would like to participate in the seminar please contact Susan Wood S.Wood@surrey.ac.uk. If you cannot attend but would like to participate from a distance please note that we are streaming it live from this link

http://learningtobeprofessional.pbworks.com/Jane-Leng  (link available from 12.00 on 15/10). The session will be also be filmed for the wiki.

Tuesday October 27th 2009 08.00-09.30 streamed video conference
Real World Learning at Queensland University of Technology: embedding work integrated learning across the curriculum
Deborah Peach and colleagues QUT Brisbane Australia

Successful student transitions and learning that relates to the real world are of major importance for QUT. This seminar will provide an overview of QUT's real world learning (RWL) policy and enabling structures, assessment and implementation issues. Consideration will also be given to curriculum design principles and practice examples across the disciplines.

QUT Presentation Team
Dr Deborah Peach Projects Director Real World Learning (QUT session chair)
Prof Stephen Towers, Dean of Studies,  will talk about RWL policy and enabling structures; assessment and implementation issues

Lyn Alderman, Manager, Curriculum Review and Improvement will talk about RWL curriculum design principles and practice examples

Faculty examples of embedding and implementing RWL
Professor Jill Franz Associate Professor School of Design
Dr Tony Sahama Senior Lecturer School of Information Technology

The seminar will be of interest to institutional managers and course designers interested in developing a curriculum that is rich in 'real world' learning experiences.

 The seminar will be streamed live 08.00-09.30 UK time from this link http://learningtobeprofessional.pbworks.com/Real-World-Learning-Queensland-University-of-Technology The link will be available from 07.45. The seminar will also be filmed for later viewing. If you would like to participate from a distance please let Susan Wood know S.Wood@sceptre.ac.uk


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