Friday, 18 September 2009

Professional learning

2009/9/18 Norman Jackson <>
Wednesday September 23rd 12.30-13.30
SCEPTrE University of Surrey AC Building 01/AC02
The session will be filmed and streamed live from this link
Learning to be a Professional: Using our own life experiences to develop principles for designing good educational experiences
Professor John Cowan, Edinburgh Napier University
Our own life experiences from which we have learnt what becoming professional means provide us with a fantastic resource from which to create good educational designs. This seminar is based on my own reflections on how I learnt (and still learn) to become professional in two different professional fields. Out of these reflections I will extract some general propositions and principles for educational designs that are more likely to be encouraging and effective in assisting learners to begin the process of becoming professional while they are studying in higher education.
The seminar will be of interest to anyone who is involved in designing and supporting the development of students and staff as professionals. Prior to the seminar participants are encouraged to reflect on the influences of their own development as a professional. Please contact Susan Wood if you would like to attend
Background paper: Learning to be Professional: Reflective thoughts on a lifetime of trying


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