Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Dimensions of Learning, Universities of the Future

Dimensions of Learning
Universities of the Future

University of Cumbria
Learning Gateway, Fusehill Street Campus, Carlisle
Thursday 2nd April 2009

The University of Cumbria presents ‘Dimensions of learning: Universities of
the future’. A conference to be held in Carlisle on 2nd April 2009. You are
invited to participate in a day devoted to discussing future directions for
HE and to contribute to ideas about the form and potential of the 21st
century university.

The event will feature keynote talks from Dr. Liz Beaty, Director of
Strategic Academic Practice and Partnership at the University of Cumbria and
Professor Gilly Salmon, Professor of e-learning and Learning Technologies,
Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester. Guest speakers
will include representatives from the Higher Education Academy’s E-learning
Pathfinder programme, and the event aims to stimulate debate about three key
dimensions of learning in the 21st century: Time, Space and Sustainability.

The conference’s keynote speeches, presentations and workshops will develop
these themes to consider:
Time as a dimension of flexible learning; ways of working across time
barriers; the impact of new views of time as a resource; experiences of
distributed learning.
Space as a flexible resource; relationships between physical and virtual
learning environments; reconfigurations of the idea of the campus; the
culture and ecology of the distance learning network.
Sustainability of approaches to future learning: making the most of
resources and technology for learning development; future-proofing;
environmental responsibilities.

Conference information and registration:
This conference is FREE to attend.

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