Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Melbourne Model

In a couple of weeks time QMUL will be hosting the annual Draper's Lecture on Learning and Teaching which will be given by Prof Peter McPhee, Provost, University of Melbourne, on the Melbourne model - focusing on undergraduate education.

One of the key principles in the Melbourne model is the role of 'breadth studies' -and this is a difficult issue. While it is initially attractive I think it raises fundamental issues about the nature of Higher Education and levels within HE - while I think it would be good to have our students as all rounded educated people, having students doing H (honours) level work in an unrelated subject raises questions of the nature and standard of H level work.

It also raises questions about the goals of HE. If it is a good thing that arts students study some science and vice-versa, and have an all round education in ethics etc - why not go back to previous curriculum and include musical instrument playing, martial arts and horse riding - all good things you could argue?

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