Thursday, 29 March 2007

Task managers

Just like buses - I have been looking for a good task manager for ages then two come along:

Neptune - is very nice - really simple and has improved over the week as they have sorted out some sever issues - interstingly it doesn't include dates - being based on Gettgin Things Done - either you are doing something or it is 'witing for ...' time etc. Took some getting used to - dates by themselves don't help much in my experience.

HiTask - came along today just as I was getting used to Neptune - hitask does have dates - but this means you can sort by date so if you scheduole something for next week it doesn't clutter up today - has a premium version but it is not clear what else you get with that.

Both are web based and being one of the google people affected by the outage yesterday (I was waiting to retrieve a phone number from my contacts having said I would phone them back!) this is obviously a disadvantage - and hitask has a calendar but not the facility to subcribe to other calendars - so all is not solved - even if I could decide which to go for, and of course maybe google will do one soon anyway!

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